TerminatorBlue Impact Bit Torx T25 - 2 Inch - 2 Pack

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UPC: 084705702209
Brand: Wiha

Terminate screws faster—and with fewer broken bits. Wiha's TerminatorBlue Torx Impact Bits—proven toughest. TerminatorBlue Torx Bits are impact rated for power tools and rigorously heat-treated to produce a bit lasting 120 times the service life compared to standard bits. Wiha's specially designed torsion zone absorbs 30 times the impact energy compared to standard bits, allowing a maximum torsion flex that goes unmatched. With TerminatorBlue Torx Impact Bits you get the tightest-fit precision-machined driver tips from the company that sets the standard for precision. Wiha's exact-fit Torx tips eliminate excessive bit-wobble for increased driver accuracy. The result is a highly stable engagement with the screw head and a reduction in fastener cam-out that can lead to injury or damage to finished materials. Wiha TerminatorBlue Torx Impact Bits are designed and engineered by Wiha Germany and manufactured by Wiha globally.

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